The wolf from Castle Hill by Martin Sommerdag


Available on eBook The police officers, John Bronson and Amy Baggio, are responding to a domestic dispute at Hillwarn Houses, in Castle Hill, Bronx. The situation is far worse than first anticipated and even further from ordinary. The officers are suddenly tangled in a gory horror mystery with supernatural undertones and are chasing a mad suspect around the premises, who does not behave like a human being.


Available on eBook It all began with hijacked airplanes on September 11th, 2001; it was the beginning of the end. In 2003, the U.S. government initiated an invasion of Iraq to retrieve an ancient artifact from the desert, a weapon of mass destruction that bends the fabric of spacetime. A whistleblower from the future, tries to save the world, by recording a videotape in 1986, that reveals classified information about the legendary artifact, but he is being traced by the corrupted Kopfmann administration from the future. The confession is based on true events.


Available on eBook The President of The United States, Allan Chester Walker, is exposed to voodoo magic, a supernatural assassination attempt during his climate speech in New York. The Pentagon interprets the event as an attack on U.S. soil and assembles a wacky squad for a mystery mission to the uncharted area of the Amazon rainforest — where the ancient Inca voodoo warlock Wallâq rules his undead kingdom, also known as the legendary lost city of Paititi.


Available on eBook Salvatore Maldini is a slobby real estate agent with busted dreams. He embarks on his own hardcore mission for justice, when his teenage daughter is run down and hospitalized by a pusher, who is associated with a malicious drug cartel in the tough neighborhood. It isn’t revenge; it’s justice.


Available on eBook Michael is lonely after a recent heartbreak by the woman he thought was his one and only. Desperate to find true love, he falls for a dating scam that matches him with Russian beauties. Despite his friends’ warnings, Michael decides to travel to Moscow to date the women he has been chatting with online, but a series of bad dates leaves him even more discouraged. Then, he bumps into Veronika, one of the girls he met online, and they form a very close bond. Veronika visits him in New York, and it seems like true love, even though his friends still thinks it’s a scam for money.


A cute Danish dinosaur sleeps for 65 million years and wakes up to a changed world. She meets the funny Baron von Martin, who is on vacation, on a magical island. He shows the dinosaur how to live and more important how to have fun in this new world. Available as hardcover book


Heimdal shares birthday with the great German football legend Franz Beckenbauer. Heimdal lives in a banana republic at home, where his wife Jette is the mean dictator, but during the day Heimdal is the big boss at the local recycling station. Available as hardcover book