Finding Doctor X is a Vlog web series on Youtube created by Martin Sommerdag. IMDb

Join the search as a Vlogger looks for clues into his father’s mysterious disappearance and stumbles upon his classified scientific research that is beyond this world. His father was a scientist conducting fringe research and clinical trials in microbiology, and his focal point was the theory of evolution.

What happened to him? Is he still alive? Join the search and subscribe on Youtube

VLOG.5 The Psychic Serum: To get closer to the truth about my father’s classified research, I have decided to take a trip into the forest and test an experimental psychic serum on myself, that I discovered in my father’s safe. But I am not alone in the forest, I am being observed.

VLOG.4 The Mystery Man In The Dark: I received a new strange text message from the unknown Danish scientist who also contacted me in the past, claiming to have knowledge about my father’s classified work. This time the mystery man wanted to meet me at some railway tracks under a gloomy bridge outside the city.

VLOG.3 The Secrets Of The Flash Drive: I have taken a look at the flash drive I received from the weird Danish scientist who I encountered awhile ago. It contained a text file and a worn standard definition video clip of a clinical trial. The flash drive took me to Germany, somewhere in the Ruhr district.

VLOG.2 Project Octopada: I received a message from an unknown Danish scientist, who claims he has knowledge about my father’s classified work and his mysterious disappearance in 1997. We met at a deserted location and I documented it on my iPhone.

VLOG.1 The Classified Research Footage: This is my first video log. I am trying to find my father — he mysteriously disappeared in 1997. I gained access to his secret safe at home and discovered his classified research in microbiology along with some scientific artifacts like an 8 millimeter film reel.


He is a retired quantum physicist. He is a spacetime fugitive from the year 2040. He is a wanted whistleblower. He is living incognito in 1986. He is on a mission to save the universe. The genius quantum physicist is working for the Department of Defense on a highly classified project, codenamed Hourglass. It all began with hijacked airplanes on September 11th, 2001; it was the beginning of the end. In 2003, the US government initiated an invasion of Iraq to retrieve a legendary artifact, known as a Stargate. To save the universe, the physicist travels back in time, hunted by the corrupted Kopfmann administration. He records a videotape in 1986, revealing classified information, that will create a non-destructive paradox in spacetime and prevent doomsday in 2088. The confession is based on true events. Available on eBook

The wolf from Castle Hill by Martin Sommerdag


The police officers, John Bronson and Amy Baggio, are responding to a domestic dispute at Hillwarn Houses, in Castle Hill, Bronx. The situation is far worse than first anticipated and even further from ordinary. The officers are suddenly tangled in a gory horror mystery with supernatural undertones and are chasing a mad suspect around the premises, who does not behave like a human being. Available on eBook


In the late sixties, two nerdy field agents from the KGB science department are documenting an eerie unidentified flying object hoovering over the forest near the Tunguska River in Siberia. On June 30th 1908, an explosion shattered a large area of forest near the Tunguska River in Siberia. Various studies have yielded many different theories about what caused the Armageddon-like event.



The President of The United States, Allan Chester Walker, is exposed to a supernatural assassination attempt during his new and improved climate speech in New York. The Pentagon interprets the paranormal event as an attack on the United States. They are forced to believe in the supernatural and assemble a wacky squad consisting of Special Ops soldiers, an agent in charge, a seven generation witch, and an environmental activist. The mystery mission leads the squad into the dark and uncharted area of the Amazon rainforest, where supernatural threats lurk behind every tree and the ancient Inca warlock Wallâq rules his undead kingdom, also known as the legendary lost city of Paititi. Available on eBook.


An experimental story about the danger of daily routines and how hard it is to break free from once comfort zone. Life is like an vinyl and if you don’t change track once in awhile you will start feeling trapped in your own mind, but the mind is a powerful thing — when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.



Salvatore Maldini is a slobby real estate agent with busted dreams. He embarks on his own hardcore mission for justice, when his teenage daughter is run down and hospitalized by a pusher, who is associated with a malicious drug cartel in the tough neighborhood. It isn’t revenge; it’s justice. Available on eBook


The future will arrive it always does, and all you need to do, is to let go of what is holding you back and move on.

Your mind is filled with thoughts, do you see the silver lining?

Happiness is a matter of perspective.


Michael is lonely after a recent heartbreak by the woman he thought was his one and only. Desperate to find true love, he falls for a dating scam that matches him with Russian beauties. Despite his friends’ warnings, Michael decides to travel to Moscow to date the women he has been chatting with online, but a series of bad dates leaves him even more discouraged. Then, he bumps into Veronika, one of the girls he met online, and they form a very close bond. Veronika visits him in New York, and it seems like true love, even though his friends still thinks it’s a scam for money. Available on eBook


Martin Sommerdag nearly got arrested in 2004 for his web project NOT4COPS do to the extreme high realism in the footage. NOT4COPS is a danish group of uncultured young people, who are looking for excitement in there daily life by filming how they are violating the danish law.

NOT4COPS also made a halloween special edition with lots of violence in the footage.



JULIASAURUS OG DEN SPASAGTIGE BARON is about a sweet dinosaur called Juliasaurus who sleeps for 65 million years and wakes up to a changed world. She meets the funny Baron von Martin, who is on vacation on a magical island — and he teaches Juliasaurus how to live and more important how to have fun in this new strange world. Available as hardcover book


Martin Sommerdag has written some exciting movie PITCHES — such as the supernatural thriller NO GUTS NO GLORY or the action features TOUGH ENOUGH and HERO THERAPY.

“An ex-Navy SEAL, working as a janitor in a psychiatric hospital built on a decommissioned missile silo, impedes the efforts of a terrorist group run by a rogue CIA agent to overtake the facility and start a nuclear war.”


The critically acclaimed documentary is a tragic comic portrait of an 40 year old depressed male person, called Jimmi. He lives in his own psychedelic reality, and alone in a petty and humble allotment. He cherishes to tell cuckoo stories about his life and childhood, but is the stories true or is it just in his mind.



A non-budget Danish found footage web series in five micro episodes called MØRKLAGT / DARKENED which was shown weekly on Ekstra Bladet an online newspaper. Watch all five episodes on YOUTUBE (WARNING POOR VIDEO/AUDIO QUALITY). In the late sixties, the Danish government experimented with a nuclear project beneath an old military area, but something went terribly wrong and now some unreal creatures are protecting the dark secret. NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES


Martin Sommerdag is a published author and besides writing books he also loves too write poetry. Sometimes he also makes video poems with art and narration – these video poems are from the poetry collection called IF I WAS


Martin Sommerdag is a creative and professional photographer who loves the urban look and natural light of the cities — see his many photos on Instagram


Book review Martin Sommerdag’s love story IMAGINE A FLY is written in english and have digital abstract art paintings on each page. Just like a common housefly, a man’s love can not be contained in a jar and must be set free. This is a story about love. A true love story but only if you can imagine it. A famous artist once said; “everything you can imagine is real.”  Available as hardcover book


DER KASIER tells the story about Heimdal, who shares birthday with the great German football legend Franz Beckenbauer. Heimdal lives in a banana republic at home, where his wife Jette is the mean dictator. But during the day Heimdal is the tyrant at the local recycling station, and here he is the big boss. Available as hardcover book


DEN FYNSKE COWBOY OG WIENERBRØDSTYVEN is Martin Sommerdag’s first children’s book and the story is about a little sweet cow called Johanne who is lost in the woods, but fortunately the cow meets a witty and helpful kid who is playing cowboy — the two new friends must be aware because the woods is full of dangers. Available as hardcover book


This is a documentary and not a horror story but a spiritual journey of a man who is stuck in limbo — a place between heaven, hell and earth. We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.