Martin SommerdagMartin Sommerdag is a new breed of storytellers with no bounds and trough all media. He is a graduate of both Filmtrain Film School and the Short & Documentary Film School of Denmark.

He has created a critically acclaimed filmography such as The Doomsday Confession, Dead Man Singing, Tunguska Diaries and Ebola Warning. 

Martin has also been the mastermind behind film based web projects like the hyperrealistic videos in Not4cops and the award-winning Vlogging web series Finding Doctor X that has taken film festivals and critics with storm. All of which include elements of the mockumentary genre and pop culture for a very unique audience appeal.

In addition, Martin has written a number of self-published eBooks, always adaptable to feature-length screenplays, with a unique voice, and in different genres including the crime fiction The Wolf from Castle Hill, the fantasy novel The Wrath of Wallâq, and the science fiction story The Spacetime Fugitive which is interestingly enough based on true events.

Martin almost always works with either low-budget or non-budget productions, so his creativity has to be in a class of its own — right from the writing to the production and editing. Martin gives all his works an authentic angle with original and experimental twists that keep audiences captivated — storytelling is his life

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