Finding Doctor X is a Vlog web series on Youtube created by Martin Sommerdag. IMDb

Join the search as a Vlogger looks for clues into his father’s mysterious disappearance and stumbles upon his classified scientific research that is beyond this world. His father was a scientist conducting fringe research and clinical trials in microbiology, and his focal point was the theory of evolution.

What happened to him? Is he still alive? Join the search and subscribe on Youtube

VLOG.5 The Psychic Serum: To get closer to the truth about my father’s classified research, I have decided to take a trip into the forest and test an experimental psychic serum on myself, that I discovered in my father’s safe. But I am not alone in the forest, I am being observed.

VLOG.4 The Mystery Man In The Dark: I received a new strange text message from the unknown Danish scientist who also contacted me in the past, claiming to have knowledge about my father’s classified work. This time the mystery man wanted to meet me at some railway tracks under a gloomy bridge outside the city.

VLOG.3 The Secrets Of The Flash Drive: I have taken a look at the flash drive I received from the weird Danish scientist who I encountered awhile ago. It contained a text file and a worn standard definition video clip of a clinical trial. The flash drive took me to Germany, somewhere in the Ruhr district.

VLOG.2 Project Octopada: I received a message from an unknown Danish scientist, who claims he has knowledge about my father’s classified work and his mysterious disappearance in 1997. We met at a deserted location and I documented it on my iPhone.

VLOG.1 The Classified Research Footage: This is my first video log. I am trying to find my father — he mysteriously disappeared in 1997. I gained access to his secret safe at home and discovered his classified research in microbiology along with some scientific artifacts like an 8 millimeter film reel.