My father was a biohazard scientist, he did research and clinical trials in microbiology. He was an independent contractor and did project work for different governments all over the globe. He disappeared in 1997. This is my quest on finding the truth about my father. What happened to him? Is he still alive?

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EPS.1 Infection: Classified Research Footage: In the 1970s an unknown institute of virology, shot a classified research film on 8mm – a biohazard experimentation on the Ebola virus. I found the old film reel in my father’s safe after his disappearance in 1997. I digitized the reel, in hope for answers to finding my father. Watch the raw and unedited footage here.

EPS.2 Project Octopada: I received a message from an unknown Danish scientist, who claims he has knowledge about my father’s classified work and his mysterious disappearance in 1997. We met at a deserted location – I documented it on my iPhone.

EPS.3 The Secret Of The Flash Drive: I have taken a look at the flash drive I received from the weird Danish scientist, I encountered awhile ago. It contains a text file and a worn video clip – perhaps the footage of clinical trial number 195. The flash drive took me to Germany, somewhere in the Ruhr district.