He is a retired quantum physicist. He is a spacetime fugitive from the year 2040. He is a wanted whistleblower. He is living incognito in 1986. He is on a mission to save the universe. The genius quantum physicist is working for the Department of Defense on a highly classified project, codenamed Hourglass. It all began with hijacked airplanes on September 11th, 2001; it was the beginning of the end. In 2003, the US government initiated an invasion of Iraq to retrieve a legendary artifact, known as a Stargate. To save the universe, the physicist travels back in time, hunted by the corrupted Kopfmann administration. He records a videotape in 1986, revealing classified information, that will create a non-destructive paradox in spacetime and prevent doomsday in 2088. The confession is based on true events. Available on eBook