Martin Sommerdag has published 4 of his breathtaking flash fictions as eBooks and for only 1$ each. Choose between the 80’s-inspired action story HERO THERAPY, the hardcore action flick HOT TRAFFIC, the teen sci-fi thriller THE BAHAMAS MYSTERY or the dark horror story THE VOODOO PRIEST.

HERO THERAPY An ex-Navy SEAL working as a janitor in a psychiatric hospital built on a decommissioned missile silo thwarts the efforts of a terrorist group run by a rogue CIA agent to overtake the facility and start a nuclear war. Available on eBook

HOT TRAFFIC Five sexy girlfriends are celebrating a bachelorette party at a nasty bar in Mexico, but the party takes an unexpected turn when the hot babes are drugged and kidnapped by a terrible criminal syndicate. But luckily, the maid of honor is a tough and extremely violent LAPD cop on suspension. Available on eBook

THE BAHAMAS MYSTERY On the islands of the Bahamas, in The Bermuda Triangle, a group of High School teenagers get involved with extra-terrestrial activity, while they are trying to solve the mystery of a missing family member. Available on eBook

THE VOODOO PRIEST The Secret Service is caught up with a supernatural mission when a voodoo priest from an undiscovered tribe deep inside the unexplored rainforest attempts to assassinate The US President with dark voodoo magic. Available on eBook